Living For Single Mothers with children

Eagle River area single moms with children will be provided a stable environment while they recover from emotional, financial, and/or relational challenges as they prepare to transition into their own homes.

In Bible days, Queen Esther realized help for families was needed.  The same is true today!  Esther’s House is being created”…for such a time as this.” Esther 4:14

Eagle River Homelessness

There is a severe lack of housing in the Eagle River area for families who once had secure housing. Families are finding themselves increasingly displaced by conversion of rental units to vacation rentals.

Unstable employment, mental health and substance abuse often contribute to a family’s homelessness. When a family’s breadwinner encounters one or more of these issues, the rest of the family also suffers.

Each year, Northwoods Share, Inc. serves more than 500 Eagle River area families. Approximately 20 percent of these families are headed by single moms.

By acquiring, re-purposing or building, Northwoods Share, Inc. has a vision of creating, Esther’s House, a home with 2-4 small living units.

Single moms with children will be provided a stable environment while they recover from emotional, financial and/or relational crisis as they prepare to transition into their own homes.

A Plan and
a Program

Esther’s House will provide residents with a variety of services to relieve daily living expenses and form a foundation for the restoration and rejuvenation of lives.

Personalized assistance will include life skill classes, budgeting, financial planning, female Christian mentorship and more.

Each family will establish objectives and create plans to reach their respective goals. Progress will be continuously measured and evaluated.

Self-sufficiency and healthy living decisions will be emphasized. Residents will often be reminded that real change and real hope requires time and commitment.

Esther’s House will be staffed by local volunteers and augmented by a comprehensive group of professional individuals and organizations that can be utilized to meet the specific needs of residents.

Esther’s House


To provide essential resources to empower single moms with children.


To develop strong, healthy, self-sufficient single moms so they can better care for their children.

Our Hope 

Our residents will experience the love of Jesus that will lead to successful independent living.

Our Mission

How can you help?

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Praise in the Pines
Praise in the Pines
  • Sunday, July 21 2024
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